360 Interactive Project Tour 

Joaquin Pedrin, Landscape Architect
Wesley Bexton, Landscape Architect
Adrienne St. John, Landscape Architect

Clearly communicating the details of our projects in the beginning phases of project development is essential in establishing trust with our stakeholders. In this innovation, explore Caltrans projects through an interactive 360 degree website highlighting existing and proposed information critical to successful outreach.

Watch the 360 Interactive Tour video presentation to the left (make sure to unmute) and then try it for yourself in active project sites below.


Jeanne Gorham, Office Chief, Office of Landscape Architecture
Kelly Hirschberg, Regional Project Manager
Richard Fahey, Senior Transportation Planner
Stefan Galvez-Abadia, Project Transportation Planner
Arnica MacCarthy, Senior Environmental Planner

Yolanda Rivas, Senior Environmental Planner; Special Projects
Marissa Perez-Mijares, Audiovisual & Graphics Services, Reproduction
Ahmed Rahid, Senior Transportation Engineer
Jonathan Lee, Senior Transportation Engineer