Off-Grid Solar Powered Highway Safety Lighting System

Design and evaluate the feasibility of standalone, off-grid, freeway lighting system that uses green energy and mimic the service reliability of direct utility connection.

1. Conduct feasibility testing of the Bifacial Solar Panels
2. Maximize system efficiency
3. Prolong electronic equipment service life
4. Develop in-house design lighting pole and mounting hardware which can withstand 100 mph wind gust
5. Design concrete barrier to protect the equipment and the traveling public
6. Use light reflective enamel to minimize solar heating effect on the battery cabinet and to maintain cabinet stability
7. Utilize cellular communication technology for system data collection and to conduct periodic review of the electrical system from an offsite location
8. Develop tamper resistant locking mechanism to discourage equipment theft
9. In the event of solar lighting system failure, a transfer switch is installed to keep the lighting service continuous by using the utility power as the backup power
10. No sole source component is used in the design.

Off-Grid Solar Lighting Project Poster

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Off-Grid Solar lighting Project Poster

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