2020 Innovation EXPO Presentations

During the week of November 16-20, 2020, Caltrans kicked off its first Innovation Expo that showcased over 60 live and virtual innovation demonstrations from presenters statewide representing Caltrans and our external partners. This expo was a five-day event focusing on innovation in relation to the Caltrans 5 priorities: Safety, Modality, Innovation, Efficiency, and Partnerships.

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Day 1: Innovation

Day 1 Message from Caltrans Director

Opening Remarks

Keynote Speaker, John Danner

Innovation Caffeination Event

Session 1A

Drones Group Presentation
- Virtual Site Visits
- Utilization of Unmanned Aerial System(UAS) for Emergency Slide Projects

Video Link

Session 1B

Data Visualization Group Presentation
- Managing the Unsheltered Situation: A Caltrans Approach to Safely and Efficiently Manage the Unsheltered within the Right-of-Way
- Data Visualization at Caltrans

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN5hC5W--NM

Session 2A

Wildlife Crossings, Corridor, Linkages & Safe Passages Group Presentation
Wildlife Passage Modifications on State Route 118 in Las Posas Valley
- The Future Home of The World’s Largest Structure to Preserve Biodiversity Across the Region by Reconnecting an Integral Wildlife Corridor and Historic Passage
-Frog Ladder/Tube to Provide Wildlife Passage in the Feather River Canyon
-Monarch Butterfly Roadside Habitat Rapid Assessment: an interdisciplinary approach to integrate Monarchs into the environmental process

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6rvOOEnkv8

Session 2B

GIS Innovations Group Presentations
- VDC/BIM Implementation in GIS Environments During PA/ED and PS&E process
- ADA Mobile Data Collection and Inspection
- Project Finder and Analytics ArcGIS Dashboard

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izt4TVEwN1I

Day 2: Safety & Innovation

Day 2 Message from Caltrans Director

Caltrans Innovation Awards

StoryMaps - How to Tell Your Story

Session 1A

Pavement Markings
- Wrong Way Prevention Markings, Red Colored Bus Only Lanes and Route Shields on Pavement

Video Link: 

Session 1B

Using Roundabouts Interchange Approaches to Reduce Cost & Improve Safety
- Using Roundabouts At Interchange Approaches To Reduce Cost And Improve Safety

Video Linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz0DlGSEmmA

Session 2A

Caltrans Responder System

Video Link:

Session 2B

Multichannel Ground Penetrating Radar For Assessment of Pavements

Video Link:

Day 3: Modality & Innovation

Day 3 Message from Caltrans Director

Keynote Speaker, Jeanie Ward-Waller & Tony Dang

District 11 Innovation Team

Session 1A

Active Transportation Group Presentation
- Making Peds and Bikes "Count" - A Statewide Active Transportation Count Database
- Caltrans Active Transportation Plans: Innovation in Data and Public Involvement

Video Link

Session 1B

Ready For Connected & Automated Vehicles - Pilots & Innovations 

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfzAPYbPhdo

Session 2A

Transit Only Lane I-805/SR-94 San Diego & Bus-On-Shoulder SR-1 Santa Cruz

Video Link

Session 2B

California Integrated Travel Project (CAL-ITP)

Video Link

Day 4: Efficiency & Innovation

Day 4 Message from Caltrans Director

Keynote Speaker, Ryan Chamberlain & Amarjeet Benipal

Environment Speaking, D7 Environmental Newsletter

Session 1A

Design Innovations Group Presentations
-Project Review Organizational System (PROS)
- Implementation of Electronic Document Management System(EDMS) for SB1 CMGC 
- Caltrans Virtual Design Construction(VDC)

Video Linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F_q1681E9Y

Session 1B

Virtual Innovations Group Presentations
- Performance Report Downloader: A solution to promote the Open-Data-Mindset
- Lean 6-SIigma - A systematic Approach to Process Improvements

Video Linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2ooYxZd0Ls

Session 2A

Design Innovations Group Presentations
Culvert Identification
- Soundwall Flood Release Panel
-Traffic Census – Sharing Hardware for Vehicle Detection Stations and Traffic Census Stations
-Traffic Census Stations – Safety and Maintenance for the Present and Future

Video Linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp8wifVnHOk

Session 2B

Virtual Innovations Group Presentations
- Diversity and Inclusion in Virtual Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting
- Virtual Transportation Permit Vehicle Inspection

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiyP0OctBEI

Day 5: Partnerships & Innovation

Day 5 Message from Caltrans Director

Keynote Speaker, Sam Hassoun

Closing Remarks

Caltrans Partnering Awards

North Region Innovation Fair

Session 1A.1

Innovative Testing Technologies For Payment & Materials

Video Link

Session 1A.2

Native Californians Museum Exhibit - A Collaborative Work Between Caltrans & Local Native American Communities

Video Link:

Session 1B.1

A Model For Integrating Rail Services With Other Transportation Modalities: Identifying Best Practices & Gaps For California's Next Rail Plan

Video Link

Session 1B.2

Unlocking BIM To Digitally-Drive CalTrans Bridge Project Design, Construction, and Maintenance Through Improved Integration Collaboration & Innovation

Video Link:

Session 2A.1

A Framework For Integrating Transportation Into Smart Cities

Video Link

Session 2A.2

Division of Equipment Production Efficiencies

Video Link

we would like to ackowledge the following individuals,


Pauline Valenzuela, EXPO Organizer, Caltrans DRISI
Heather Oneto, EXPO Support and Communications, Caltrans DRISI
UC Berkeley Tech Transfer & Event Services, EXPO Support and Facilitation, UC Berkeley ITS
Matt Rocco/Lorean Magana/James O'Brien, Public Affairs Support, Caltrans External Affairs
Denise Delaney, Training Coordinator, Caltrans DRISI
Dara Wheeler, EXPO Sponsor, Division Chief DRISI
April Nitsos, EXPO Advisor, Office Chief DST DRISI
Lori Pepper, Deputy Secretary for Innovative Mobility Solutions, CalSTA
Nick Silva/John Sweet, Technical Support Caltrans IT
Ben Roxton/Barbara Marquez, Innovation Video Caltrans District 7
Federal Highway Administration, State Transportation Innovation Councils (STIC)