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360 Tours Version 2.0

Integrating visualizations into the project delivery process.

Joaquin Pedrin, Senior Landscape Architect
Jeanne Gorham, Office Chief
Helena (Lenka) Culik-Caro, Deputy District Director, Design/District 4 Design, Office of Landscape Architecture

Modified Workers Enlisted to Prevent Parks & Ride Problem

Park and Ride lots are at times misused by campers & illegal parking who litter and trash the lots. D11 has 53 lots which requires a full-time person to perform continuous loops on the freeways.  ​

Liz Santucci, Park and Ride Coordinator
Doug Pierson, TET/Modified Worker

DISTRICT 11 TMC Traffic Performance Measuring System

These two dashboards measure freeway performance using cell phone data from a third party “HERE.com”, and our own Caltrans Ramp Metering system (RMIS).

Traffic System Performance Branch
Carlos Mendoza, Rajpreet Singh, April Lucchesi, Shahin Sepassi, Carlos Mendoza, and Francisco Hernandez

Improving Habitat Connectivity for the Endangered Santa Cruz Long-toed Salamander

District 5 Central Coast Biology Branch implemented innovation focused on a collaborative approach with partners and experts on a wildlife crossing on Highway 1 in Santa Cruz County, and is presenting our process in a ArcGIS StoryMap.

Larissa Clarke, Morgan Robertson, Jennifer Moonjian, Chad Mitcham, Kelli Camara, Daniel Nylen, Terris Kasteen, Cheryl Brehme

Implementation of AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction

The Division of Engineering Services (DES) has implemented the AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction (AWPP) system to replace the 40+ years old Basic Engineering Estimating System (BEES) and the Legacy BID system.

Devang Vora, AASHTOWare Program Manager

Drones Technology in Maintenance District 12

The drones provide Caltrans an ideal vehicle to integrate video-imaging technology into the inspection process. As an alternative of relying on using binoculars from the ground, lane closures, or specialty access vehicles, drones now give us another option to closely view hard to access sections.

Arvin Wu, Anthony Quiroz, Ben Nanjappa, Susan Fong

California-Baja California Border Master Plan Update

The California-Baja California Border Master Plan (BMP) is a comprehensive, binational approach to coordinate planning and delivery of land Port of Entry (POE) and multi-modal transportation projects serving the California-Baja California border region

Jose Marquez-Chavez, Senior Transportation Planner/Planning and Local Assistance

Survey QR Codes for District 11 Active Transportation Plan

The rapid onset of COVID-19 inspired District 11 to rethink traditional stakeholder engagement in the development of the District Active Transportation Plan and quickly innovate on new approaches in a virtual, socially distant environment. 

Seth Cutter, Senior Transportation Planner/Planning and Local Assistance

Government to Government E-Recording

E-Recording has allowed for more efficient processing of project-critical real estate transactions. We established an MOU with the counties which allows us to record through SECURE's Government to Government online recording service. 

Emily Panning, Associate Right of Way Agent, D7 Excess Lands

Review of the HCM6 Capacity Estimation Methodology for Freeways

This research was supported by a grant from by the United States Department of Transportation through the Gulf Coast Center for Evacuation and Transportation resiliency, a member of the University of Arkansas Maritime Transportation Research and Education Center (MarTREC). 

Siavash Shojaat, PE, PhD Transportation Engineer Transportation Systems Analysis (TSA) Branch

Social Pinpoint

New direct connectors between the existing I-15 Express Lanes and three miles of new Managed Lanes on SR 78 are intended to improve connectivity and traffic flow on and between the two corridors, increase access to homes and jobs, and improve overall quality of life in north inland San Diego County. 

Kareem Scarlett, Alan Kosup, Joshua Reese

Enrico Fermi Diverging Diamond Interchange with Border Wait Time Technologies

The Caltrans State Route 11 Project at Enrico Fermi features an innovative Diverging Diamond Interchange accompanied by border wait time technologies and information systems, which together enhance regional mobility, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, fuel economic growth, and bolster binational trade. 

Nikki Tiongco, Mario Orso, Donaldo Martinez, Dylan Moore

Remote Controlled Equipment

The Ferguson rock slide is an active slide which closed down State Route 140. This route serves as an all-weather route to Yosemite National Park. As technology has improved, the Ferguson Rock Shed team has incorporated remote controlled equipment technology into the project to improve the safety of everyone working within the slide zone.


Allen Lao (Project Manager)
Corey Casey (Construction Manager)

DISTRICT 11 Right of Way Environmental Permit to Enter Process

District 11 Right of Way (R/W) standardized the Environmental Permit to Enter (PTE) process as the old process was paper-intensive. The updated process is now streamlined with an electronic and digitalized process. 

Steve Aragon, Senior Right of Way Agent
Leslie Seymour, Associate Right of Way Agent 

Improving Field Worker Safety by Enhancing Visibility

The statewide rollout of Illumagear's HALO SL provides a 360° flood light that illuminates the surrounding area at roughly eye level.

Charles Leong, D7 Construction Safety Coordinator
Team Members: Amjad Obeid, Michael Lopez, Joe Hernandez, Sergio Delrio 

ProDMS E-construction Data Administration Solution

ProDMS is an enterprise-wide project data management system that integrates siloed information across construction contract administration to improve efficiency in project delivery and data availability.

ProDMS/D59 Structure Construction/ Team 
John Zehnder, Dave Keim, Jonathan Yeo, Christian Sanford, Adrian Cortez, Sarah Rusby, Daisy Gee, Josh Runnion, Lily Chang

File Maker Pro as a Program Project Management Tool

Come experience District 08 Program Project Management via WPS File Maker Pro. District 08 has championed the use of WPS File Maker Pro as a program project management tool since 1997. At District 08, WPS File Maker Pro is the one stop shop all things related to project information such as Status, Diaries, Expenditure, pre-quarried reports, etc. 

Awais Sheikh, Manuel Farias, Meardey Tim, Martin Villanueva, Anthony Liao, Elizabeth Anguiano, Menasse Gessesse, Jianxiong Yu

Orange Lane Striping

The Caltrans and SANDAG Build NCC project piloted the use of orange contrasted temporary pavement delineation in California after Caltrans received approval from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to be the third state to experiment with orange lane striping in construction zones.

Brian Hadley, Resident Engineer, I-5 North Coast Corridor Project
Alan Kosup, Corridor Director, D11 North County Corridors

Storm Drain Pipe Screen Drainage Inlet Retrofit Pilot Study for State Route 78 in San Diego

On June 1, 2017, the State Water Resources Control Board issued a letter regarding Water Code Section 13383 Order to Submit Method to Comply with Statewide Trash Provisions to the Department, effectively amending the existing NPDES permit by adding what is collectively known as the "trash amendments" and requiring the Department to comply by installing, operating, and maintaining any combination of full capture systems. This pilot is a real-world study of trash capture for storm drain pipe screens to demonstrate progress towards 100 percent compliance with State Water Board Trash Amendments. This pilot studies the feasibility of retrofitting existing drainage inlets with State Water Board certified trash capture pipe screens documenting the design, construction, operation, and maintenance processes and co-compliance with HDM and CDPH policies.

Carl Savage - District 11 NPDES/Storm Water Branch
Melisa Wiedemeier - District 11 Hydraulics Branch 

District Project Creation and Migration Tool

Tool for automating project creation and migration throughout North Region.

J.R. Stoner, District 2 Desktop/Network IT Technician

I-8 CRCP Overlay Projects

Construction and sustainability with Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement.

Daniel Hernandez – Senior Resident Engineer
Michael Oreiro – Senior Design Manager
Margie Perez – District Division Chief of Construction 

Civil 3D for Structures Construction

Using Civil 3D for bridge constriction as an electronic “4-Scale”. Providing faster and more accurate results for spot grades in a fraction of the time compared to the traditional Caltrans method.

Jessica Waller, Bridge Design/D03 Structure Construction

The Use of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell as Emergency Power for Critical ITS Elements

​​​​A pilot project installed an emergency power system using a hydrogen fuel cell assembly to provide continuous power to critical ITS assets at a signalized intersection affected by the Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events while meeting California's Climate Change Initiative (SB 100). 

Louie La Compte, Design Engineer/Project Engineer/Construction Engineer


Aerially Deposited Lead (ADL) and Toxic Metals Screening Tool

Paul Phan, Neil Azzu, Phong Hoang, Lisa Farzana, Carola Acurio, Christian Duran

7th Bi-Annual Caltrans Bay Area I-Fair

Caltrans Bay Area District 4 is proud to host our 7th Bi-Annual I-Fair.  We are excited to share 19 innovations, presented by 21 employees across nine divisions.