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E-Recording has allowed for more efficient processing of project-critical real estate transactions. D7 Right of Way has switched from in-person to electronic recordings with Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. D7 can now directly submit recordable documents such as deeds, easements, and condemnation paperwork, from a dedicated workstation at the District Office. We established an MOU with the counties which allows us to record through SECURE's Government to Government online recording service. The County Reviews the documents electronically and records them within 10 days. Prior to this innovation, we recorded in person at the counter, through the mail, or with a Title Company.

What prompted the need for this innovation?
During the pandemic, County offices were closed for recordings. The only way for Right of Way to record was by mail-in service which took weeks or by using expensive title companies. This was resulting in delays for Right of Way's critical real estate transactions. We then explored the option of E Recording with the County and were directed to SECURE's recording platform.

What benefits/savings was realized from this innovative project?
Although we started E Recording during the Pandemic, it remains District 7’s primary method for recording land sales, acquisitions, and other land transactions for the following reasons:
- Faster recording turnaround. This avoids project delays.
- Closer working relationship with the County. We are able to communicate through the SECURE portal with the county reviewer regarding issues or corrections needed on documents.
- Environmentally friendly with less fuel needed for travel and less paper. • Cost and time savings (postage, fuel, travel time, and work hours saved)
- We have shared our experience and training materials with Right of Way offices statewide.

Was there a cost to your innovation? If so, how much did it cost to develop and implement (approximately)?
Use of the SECURE platform is free for government to government transactions. There is a $50 security token cost beyond the first 2 users of the system.

Was the project an initial success or was it necessary to pivot and alter the original project to achieve success? What challenge did you have to overcome to implement the project?
The project was successful. Some challenges we faced in implementation:
- Finding the right County contacts to get started in the program. 
- Waiting in the queue for processing with SECURE. The service was in high demand during the pandemic.
- Establishing the E-Record Workstation with Operations and IT.
- Figuring out technical aspects such as proper scanning of recordable documents.

List external partners who worked on this implemented innovation, if any. (We welcome external co-presenters)
LA County Recorder's Office, Orange County (who runs the SECURE platform), Ventura County

Submitted by:
Emily Panning, Associate Right of Way Agent, D7 Excess Lands

For more information, contact Emily Panning at [email protected].


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