Improving Field Worker Safety by Enhancing Visibility

During the recent Safety Summit, a discussion evolved regarding the implementation of active lighting on safety PPEs. This lead to an investigation by Amjad Obeid into a limited pilot program in District 11. After initial positive feedback, Amjad tested the device in District 3, 4 and 7 for a larger sample size. After a successful pilot in those districts resulting in more positive feedback, it was decided to implement statewide. The statewide rollout of Illumagear's HALO SL provides a 360° flood light that illuminates the surrounding area at roughly eye level.

Illumagear’s HALO SL is a personal lighting system providing 360° of personal and situational awareness, visible up to ¼ of a mile away. The integrated spotlight also provides task lighting up to 50’. The HALO uses a removeable 18650 Lithium Ion battery that is rated for 1.5 - 120 hrs of use. Meeting the demands of various Caltrans crews. The removeable battery allows for swapping out a expended battery during extended work shifts with ease, should it be depleted during their work hours.

The tension clips allow the HALO to remain firmly attached to a variety of different style hardhats while performing a wide variety of tasks including climbing.

The IP67 rating means that crew members exposed to dusty environments or pressurized water can rest assured their unit will continue to operate under these harsher conditions since the unit is dust proof and water resistant. Even to the point of having the unit submerged to a depth of up to 1m for 30 minutes.

On a personal note, as a drone pilot for Caltrans, the HALO makes night missions much easier by allowing me to fly in a variety of directions while still allowing me to reorient the unit and pinpoint my exact location in complete darkness.

We look forward to widespread adoption throughout Caltrans to ensure our workers in Construction, Maintenance and beyond stay safe and highly visible to both the motoring public as well as heavy construction traffic. 

Submitted by:
Charles Leong
, D7 Construction Safety Coordinator
Construction Safety Team Members:
Amjad Obeid, Michael Lopez, Joe Hernandez, Sergio Delrio 

For more information, contact Charles Leong at [email protected].


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