Modified Workers Enlisted to Prevent Park & Ride Problem

Park and Ride lots are at times misused by campers & illegal parking who litter and trash the lots. D11 has 53 lots which requires a full-time person to perform continuous loops on the freeways. Oftentimes, the Maintenance Division (or other) have Modified Workers who need light duty work for months at a time and have difficulty being placed.

The solution was to enlist Modified Workers to perform site inspections of the Park and Ride lots to notify Maintenance of necessary trash removal, landscaping needs, and pavement upgrades on a daily basis. The Modified Worker also contacts CHP regarding the law enforcement of illegal parking and loitering. • The Park and Ride Coordinator, the Modified Worker, the Maintenance Division, City of SDPD, and PIO work in tandem with information provided by the Modified Worker via email and cell phone to address necessary issues and reduce the number of public complaints. Vehicle counts were performed to determine lot usage and possible closure. Reports are generated to the appropriate division to address trash clean up, encampments for unsheltered individuals, lot upgrades, ticketing for illegal parking. By doing so on a daily basis, the lots are cleaner and safer for the public use in an effort to reduce GHG and encourage car/vanpooling. 

Submitted by:
Liz Santucci, Park and Ride Coordinator
Doug Pierson, TET/Modified Worker

For more information, contact Liz Santucci at [email protected].

Speaker: Doug Pierson, Modified Worker