Civil 3D for Structures Construction

Bridge construction work for Structure Construction can be faster and easier with the use of Civil 3D. Civil 3D is not just a design tool but can allow you to gather “4-scale” information in a fraction of the time then the traditional Caltrans method. Information including station locations and offsets, surface slopes and spot elevations, as well as exporting 100’s of spot grades to Excel.

These step-by-step tutorials can walk you through:
      • Creating Deck Elevation Points
      • Falsework Grades and Camper Strips
      • Elevations for Lost Deck Dowels.  

Submitted by:
Jessica Waller, Bridge Design/D03 Structure Construction  

For more information, contact Jessica Waller at [email protected].


Structures Construction Introduction to Civil 3D

Falsework Grade Check & Camber Strips with Civil 3D

Elevations for Lost Deck Dowels with Civil 3D

Civil 3D - Create Deck Elevation Points