File Maker Pro as a Program Project Management Tools

Come experience District 08 Program Project Management via WPS File Maker Pro. District 08 has championed the use of WPS File Maker Pro as a program project management tool since 1997. At District 08, WPS File Maker Pro is the one stop shop all things related to project information such as Status, Diaries, Expenditure, pre-quarried reports, etc. Further, the WPS File Maker Pro also serve as the gateway portal that links to many other information page and databases such as CTC, AMS, and FIDO. The demonstration will also share the live reports for the District Status meetings, Divisional focus meetings, or local agencies meet & greet discussions.

Take a test run before the big day….
1.) Request FileMaker Pro client installation from your IT.
2.) Down the attached access file
3.) Login with Username Innovate without password field blank for ready-only access
4.) Click and search away. 

Submitted  by:
Awais Sheikh – PPM Sup TE – Project Management
Manuel Farias – PPM Sup TE – Project Management
Meardey Tim – PPM Sup TE – Special Projects
Martin Villanueva – PPM Sup TE – Program Management
Anthony Liao – PPM Sup TE – Program Management
Elizabeth Anguiano – District File Maker Pro Administrator – IT Support
Menasse Gessesse – PPM File Maker Pro Coordinator – Technical Support / Layout Development
Jianxiong Yu – A&E Consultant – Technical Support / Layout Development 

For more information, contact Elizabeth Anguiano at [email protected].


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