Survey QR Codes for District 11 Active Transportation Plan

The rapid onset of COVID-19 inspired District 11 to rethink traditional stakeholder engagement in the development of the District Active Transportation Plan and quickly innovate on new approaches in a virtual, socially distant environment. One such tool is QR codes, placed on the ground within the bike and pedestrian right-of-way, where people walking, biking, and rolling can see them and scan with their devices to access the survey, provide responses, and learn about the project. This method to be an effective, low-cost solution for targeted stakeholder outreach with minimal need for installation and upkeep.

Submitted by:
Seth Cutter, Senior Transportation Planner/Planning and Local Assistance 

For more information, contact Seth Cutter at [email protected].


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District 11 Active Transportation Plan 

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District 11 Active Transportation Plan Poster

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